Scheduled July 2022

Andre Rieu Vrijthof 2022 – Let’s have Open-Air party!

Traditionally the Andre Rieu Vrijthof 2022 concert is a every summer happening in his city of his birth, Maastricht

As André Rieu was born in Maastricht and still lives in the town at the river Maas, he has only 300 meter walking distance to Vrijthof. As his orchestra makes classical music accessible to millions around the world, the Vrijthof square will this also year turn the salon waltz into bliss open air party.

Andre Rieu Vrijthof 2022

This year will be no different in that regard; Rieu once again transforms the Vrijthof Square into a huge open-air concert hall. Wonderful melodies – from classical music to catchy waltzes – were the ingredients for the very successful series of concerts, including pieces from a variety of operas, operettas, and musicals.
Once again, these concerts promise to be unforgettable evenings full of comical and moving moments, but most importantly there will be plenty of romance!

Free Admission in side streets

In fact, if you do not mind to take part in the party on the Vrijhof square , you have Free Admission in side streets, as the music halls over the whole old town.
In case you are going for the “real one”, you are able to reach the spot from Bourgogne Suite in Wyck within 10 minutes walk. You simply cross the St Servaas Bridge and follow the party crowd – they all have same destination. You cannot miss Vrijthof, as the square is located only 200 meter from St.Servaas bridge in the middle of the old town.


Vrijthof, Maastricht


Scheduled July 2022

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