Centre Céramique Bibi Maastricht

Extraordinary contemporary architecture in Maastricht
Centre Céramique Bibi Maastricht

Centre Céramique Bibi Maastricht

For cultural conscious visitors of Maastricht, is a visit to the Centre Céramique Bibi Maastricht a must. In other words, after entering the Centre Céramique, you can enjoy extraordinary contemporary architecture in Maastricht.

Centre Céramique Bibi Maastricht

Centre Céramique is a multi-functional building located adjacent to Plein 1992, a large open square surrounded by magnificent views, cafés, and a short walk from the stylish shopping area of Wyck. The building houses Maastricht City Library, various exhibition spaces, cultural heritage collections and an excellent café.

Maastricht City Library at Centre Céramique Bibi Maastricht

Maastricht City Library dates back to 1662 and it has been housed at various addresses in the city until it eventually found its current home in Centre Céramique. The library boasts a broad collection of books, CDs, DVDs, audio books, sheet music and magazines, as well as offering courses, free workshops, quiet study areas, music practice areas, and much more.

Exhibitions at Centre Céramique Bibi Maastricht

This cultural center is much more than just a library. It is a beautifully designed meeting space where exhibitions are held, and concerts, performances and debates are organized. The big entrance hall is the main space watched over by the famous dolphin: a work by Italian artist Marcello Chiarenza.

Easy to reach

Centre Céramique is located in south part of Maastricht at the Plein 1992. The building is directly visible, as the architectural focal point is a extraordinary contemporary structure square.
You arrive to Centre Céramique within 5 minutes, by walking along the Wilhelmina Singel from Bourgogne Suite Maastricht

Opening hours

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 09:00-20:00
Wednesday-Thursday-Friday: 09:00-17:00
Saturday: 10:00-17:00
Sunday: 13:00-17:00


Centre Céramique Maastricht
Avenue Céramique 50
6221 KV Maastricht,
The Netherlands

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