Wycker Grachtstraat 29 in Maastricht

Frederike Kruse Contemporary Art

For art lovers of contemporary art is a visit to the atelier of Frederike Kruse a must. In other words, you can enjoy Frederike Kruse Contemporary Art paintings in Maastricht.

Frederike Kruse – Artist and Potter

Frederike is a self-taught artist and potter. Through her art and craft she visualizes her emotions and inner-life for the people surrounding her. Using almost exclusively basic materials that are available to all of us, her work is solidly grounded in technique and precision.

The combining of materials

She combines these materials with an idea and a warm devotion to the process. Transforming something as simple as clay or paper into something precious and meaningful to decorate our surroundings.

Frederike’s view on art

For Frederike the world is like a beautiful view. Perfect in itself, including all the fuzzy fringes. She feels this world was shaped especially to be framed with love and attention. With her art she invites the viewer to explore these ideas and panoramas together with her and in doing so to experience a smile that carries through the day. One of those carefree smiles that is ready for sharing with all the people around.

Easy to reach

You arrive the atelier within 5 minutes, by walking along Bourgognestraat in direction of the River Maas from Bourgogne Suite Maastricht
Visit the Artstudio of Frederike Kruse  just over the corner from Bourgogne Suite ( The corner of Bourgognestraat and Wycker Grachtstraat  ).

Opening hours

Make an appointment or just pass by.


Wycker Grachtstraat 29
6221 Maastricht

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