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Golden Age Collection Bonnefantenmuseum

For art lovers is a visit to the Golden Age Collection Bonnefantenmuseum a must. In other words, after entering the museum, you can enjoy the permanent Collection of 17th-century Dutch paintings in Maastricht.


As the present museum is located at the river Maas, it is overlooking  the old town from east. The site is a former industrial spot named ‘Céramique’. As the Italian architect Aldo Rossi designed the building, it is also one of most prominent modern buildings in Maastricht. The name “Bonnefanten” is derived from the French words ‘bons enfants’ meaning : ‘good children’.


The combination of old- and contemporary art under one roof results to the modern character of the institution. On the first floor of the building you find  the department of Golden Age Collection Bonnefantenmuseum. Here the museum displays highlights of Dutch, Italian, Flemish painters. You can detect works of art for example by Peter Paul Rubens.
The painter Henri de Fromantiou is also represented in the collection. This local artist  produced works for the art dealer Gerrit van Uylenburgh in Amsterdam. Henri de Fromantiou was  later in his life active as artist and painter in The Hague.

The museum’s major collection of medieval sculptures and paintings is also located on the same floor. By strolling through the museum, you can detect religious works of art from leading European workshops. Some of the displayed artist is the  femisch born Pieter Coecke van Aelst.  His principal subjects are Christian religious themes. Furthermore, he worked as a painter mainly in Antwerp and Brussels.

Easy to reach

Bonnefantenmuseum is located in south part of Maastricht at the river Maas. The building is directly visible, as the architectural focal point is a  rocket-shaped structure overlooking water.
You arrive to Bonnefantenmuseum within 15 minutes, by walking along the river Maas from Bourgogne Suite Maastricht ,

Opening hours

Modays closed
Thuesday until Sunday 11.00am – 17.00pm


Avenue Céramique 250,
Maastricht, The Netherlands

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