The Grand Route to the City
Stationsstraat Maastricht

Stationsstraat Maastricht

Stationsstraat Maastricht is the main street starting at the railway station Maastricht. The Stationsstraat ( Maastricht : Stationsstraot ; formerly: Percée ) is a street in the Wyck district, in the center of the Dutch city of Maastricht. The street was built at the end of the nineteenth century to create a direct connection between Maastricht Station and Sint Servaasbrug. The Stationsstraat is still part of the walking route between the station and the inner city. It is also a street with many service companies, shops and restaurants.

Stationsstraat Maastricht | History of the name

The street is named after the railway station, which was only moved to its current location at the eastern end of Stationsstraat in 1913. Other street names in the area ( Stationsplein, Parallelweg and Spoorweglaan) also refer to the station or railway. Initially referred to as ‘Stationsweg’, the name was not officially assigned until 1917, a few years after the completion of the station. Before and after, the street was also referred to as ‘the Percée‘ (breakthrough).

Stationsstraat Maastricht | The Grand Route into the city

The Stationsstraat Maastricht in Wyck starts at the station of Maastricht and goes straight to the center of the city, almost until Vrijthof.
The Stationsstraat is designed with relatively wide pedestrian paths, two lanes (including bicycle lanes ) and a wide central reservation. Since 2017, the covered access to an underground bicycle shed has been located on the eastern part of the central strip, opposite the station.
The central strip between the Alexander Battalaan and the Wilhelminasingel has been designed as a lounge area.

Stationsstraat Maastricht | Fashion and more

Fashion and Maastricht are intertwined. And that is what Wyck also radiates. Every visitor with a special interest in fashion can completely indulge himself here. The range is wide, both in styles and prices. A collection of hip, authentic retailers and specialty shops together ensure that this is currently one of Maastricht’s favorite streets

Fashion, art and good food come together here in beautiful old buildings. This makes the Stationsstraat a wonderful street for strolling, shopping and for a snack and drink.

Shopping | Some of our favorites

The great thing about Maastricht is that shopping here is truly fun for everyone. What the city has to offer includes fancy and chic boutiques also in Stationsstraat, on-trend entrepreneurs displaying their best collections in the Wyck district.
Just over the corner from Bourgogne Suite you visit the famous jeweler LEON MARTENS as well as the ROLEX Store of Maastricht.
For Sport clothing for men you can head over to HUNTERS or for classic dress wear to MODEMANNEN just 300 meter from Bourgogne Suite.

Additionally, you can naturally come to Maastricht to do your daily shopping, for example at the fresh produce market on Wednesdays and Fridays. Local entrepreneurs will welcome you with open arms. The welcoming atmosphere, that unique feeling you get here, and the vibrancy of the city is all defined by the locals. When will you come to shop?

How to find Stationsstraat Maastricht from Bourgogne Suite?

You can reach Stationsstraat Maastricht from Bourgogne Suite Maastricht by walking around the corner from Bourgognestraat.

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