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Stokstraat Maastricht

Stokstraat Maastricht

Stokstraat Maastricht is a street in the center of the Dutch city of Maastricht . It is the main street of the Stokstraatkwartier, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Maastricht. The northern part of the street is now called Kleine Stokstraat. The street is known for its historic appearance, the many national monuments and luxury shops. The Stokstraatkwartier is part of the pedestrian area of ​​Maastricht.

Stokstraat Maastricht | History

The origin of the street name is uncertain. The street used to be referred to as ‘in den Stocke‘ ( Latin : in trunco ). The name may have been derived from a tree or trunk, as is suspected from the place names Stok and Stokkem, perhaps referring to a linden tree in this area, which served as a place of justice.
Stick can also mean prison, although the Latin designation does not have that meaning.
On the other hand, the nearby Kersenmarkt, which was much larger in the Middle Ages, was the urban center of administration and justice until 1350. Possibly there was a ‘stock’ in the Stokstraat, the then common name for a prison. Furthermore, a stick is one offering block , which may have been on this street. The official adoption of the name did not take place until 1961.

Rechtstraat Maastricht | Fashion and more

Fashion and Maastricht are intertwined. And that is what Wyck also radiates. Every visitor with a special interest in fashion can completely indulge himself here. The range is wide, both in styles and prices. A collection of hip, authentic retailers and specialty shops together ensure that this is currently one of Maastricht’s favorite streets!
Fashion, art and good food come together here in beautiful old buildings. This makes the Stokstraat a wonderful street for strolling, shopping and for a snack and drink.

Exclusive ladies wear is widely presented in Stokstraat at fashion house Kiki Niesten and for classical men’s wear you can head out for Maison Luis .

Rechtstraat Maastricht | Dining | Some of our favorites

Also interesting cuisine is found in and around Stokstraat. If you prefer to go for Modern cuisine, then the Brandson in Het Bat, just over the corner from Stokstraat is the right choice. One of the best French restaurants in town is also located in Stokstraat neighborhood , Restaurant Rozemarijn in Havenstraat.

Additionally, you can naturally come to Maastricht to do your daily shopping, for example at the fresh produce market on Wednesdays and Fridays. Local entrepreneurs will welcome you with open arms. The welcoming atmosphere, that unique feeling you get here, and the vibrancy of the city is all defined by the locals. When will you come to shop?

How to find Stokstraat Maastricht from Bourgogne Suite?

You can reach Stokstraat Maastricht from Bourgogne Suite Maastricht by walking along Stationsstraat over the Maas – Servatius Bridge and then turning to the left .

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