Attractions & Things to Do in Maastricht
Top sights in Maastricht

Top sights in Maastricht

Top Sights in Maastricht – The capital city of Limburg, Maastricht is one of the most beautiful cities in The Netherlands.

Top Sights in Maastricht| History

Set along both banks of the River Maas, Maastricht is a busy commercial and tourist center.

Maastricht was founded by the Romans in 50 BC on an important crossing-point on the Maas. As the city changed ownership several times through the ages, you can see in Maastricht interesting architectural influences form different cultures.
Attractions in Maastricht range from well-preserved medieval churches, exceptional street views to museums filled with art treasures.

Top Sights in Maastricht | See the Treasures of Saint Servatius

The treasure in the church of Saint Servatius are a collection over many centuries.

One of the oldest pieces (today non-existent) was a reliquary in the shape of a triumphal arch, donated by Einhard (biographer of Charlemagne and abbot of Saint Servatius) in the 9th century. In the 11th century a custodian (‘custos’) was put in charge of the church’s already sizable treasure.
The treasure of the Basilica of Saint Servatius traditionally consists of the so-called Servatiana, objects traditionally associated with the life of Servatius, relics and
ancient fabrics. Although church’s art collection is not part of the treasure, you can still see these in the museum.

Top Sights in Maastricht | Tour the Basilica of Our Lady

Several exceptional works of art can be found in the church.

The location where the Basilica of Our Lady now stands was the site of a small church in the fifth century AD. As the spot is probably the oldest Christian church in the Netherlands, you can visit a church that is built on top of the remains of a Roman temple. The treasure room also has a large number of objects of ecclesiastical art and crafts such as luxuriously embroidered copes and chasubles, the ‘Levite Dress’ of Saint Lambert (Maastricht’s last bishop), relics in ornate reliquaries, procession banners, and religious silver objects and statues.

Top Sights in Maastricht | Fort Sint Pieter and the Caves of Maastricht

Make a tour of Fort St Pieter and step back in time and experience history.

Fort St Pieter is perched high above the Maas river on the south side of the city and is directly connected with St Pietersberg hill via an intricate system of underground tunnels. The fort dates from around 1700 and is still largely intact, as well as partly recently restored. Outside, you can enjoy an impressive and beautiful view of the city, the river Maas, and the surrounding countryside.

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