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Vrijthof square Maastricht

Vrijthof square Maastricht

Vrijthof square Maastricht is a square in the inner city of Maastricht . It is the largest square in the center of the Limburg capital. The square is best known for its many monuments – including a ‘twin church’ that is unique to the Netherlands, various cultural facilities, a series of annual events and the many café terraces. The history of the Vrijthof is unique in the Netherlands because of its continuous use since Roman times .

Vrijthof square Maastricht | History of the name

The name of the Maastricht square originated as with other Vrijthoven in the Netherlands: derived from the Middle Dutch ‘vrit-hof’ or free place , it refers to an enclosed court near a church, where secular rulers had no jurisdiction. It is etymologically related to Middle English friþgeard (with the same meaning) and German Friedhof , which has been given another meaning by metonymy : cemetery.

Vrijthof square Maastricht | Cultural facilities

Several important cultural facilities are located on the Vrijthof. The Double Chapel of the Sint-Servaas Basilica, which borders the Vrijthof, has housed the Treasury of the Sint-Servaaskerk since the 11th century , but the entrance to which is located at the Keizer Karelplein . The museum is one of Maastricht’s top attractions.

The Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof is located in the Spanish Government. The museum shows changing exhibitions in the field of photography.

The Military Head Guard was established in 2012 by the Ministry of Defence transferred to the municipality of Maastricht. The building has been used for temporary exhibitions for several years.

Behind the General House, on the grounds of the former Wittevrouwenklooster, the Theater aan het Vrijthof was built from 1988-92. The General House functions as the entrance building of this theater annex concert hall . The city library was housed in the building until 1977.

Vrijthof Maastricht | Events

Numerous events take place on the Vrijthof, such as the Maastricht carnival (February or March), the Sint-Servaas fair (around May 13), the annual open-air concerts by André Rieu and the Johann Strauß Orchestra (July), the Preuvenemint dinner party (August ), the opening of the carnival season ( d’n 11e vaan d’n 11e ; November 11) and the winter festival Magical Maastricht (November-December). During the Maastricht carnival, the Vrijthof is the center of the street carnival. Here on Sunday morning the carnival is ‘shot’ into the carnival with a cannon, with a mascot in the form of a doll (‘ t Mooswief) is lifted up. Three days later the party ends here with the taking down of ‘t Mooswief.

How to reach Vrijhof square in Maastricht from Bourgogne Suite?

You can reach Vrijthof from Bourgogne Suite Maastricht by walking in less than 10 minutes. Simply cross the river Maas over the old bridge and you are half way to the spot.

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