Every Friday 9.00am – 3.00pm

Flower Market Maastricht – Not just in Amsterdam!

The Amsterdam Flower Market is the only floating flower market in the world – therefore does The Flower Market Maastricht offer a location of extravagant medieval setting in middle of the old town!

The market is weekly one of the most fragrant places of interest in Maastricht – in all seasons. This unique market exists since Middle Ages as a part of the Friday Market Maastricht. The flower stalls stand all around the Maastricht City Hall.
Tulips, Narcissus, Geraniums
The Flower Market Maastricht is a particularly colorful place in the old city center. Depending of season, you will find there all sorts of Tulips, Narcissus, Geraniums and many other types of flowers. At market you can either buy bouquets, single flowers, flowers for your balkony / terrace or bulbs. There are also bulbs ready for export, so you can enjoy them at home too.
If you’re visiting Maastricht in Christmas time , you’ll see the flower market also sells green Christmas trees of all sorts and varieties. The market offers flowers the whole year around.
And if you are looking for typical Dutch souvenirs to bring back home with you, some shops and stands at the Market has some such as clogs, wooden tulips or cheese.
In the middle of the old town
From Bourgogne Suite in Wyck you reach the Flower Market in Maastricht easily by walking within 10 minutes. You simply cross the St Servaas Bridge and follow the crowd – they all have Fridays same destination : Market Maastricht. You cannot miss it, as the Market is located around the City Town Hall of Maastricht in the middle of the old town.
Opening hours

The Maastricht Flower Market is opened every Friday 9.00am – 3.00pm


Market Square at the Maastricht City Hall

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