Wineries & Vineyards in Maastricht

Visit the bucolic vineyards in the region
Wineries & Vineyards in Maastricht

Wineries & Vineyards in Maastricht

Wineries & Vineyards in Maastricht | M+TRICHT*MAG recommends – Wine tasting in the region.

Wineries & Vineyards in Maastricht | ‘YES’

South part of The Netherlands is home to several vineyards and wineries and is a region that’s has gained recognition. Limburg host a cool climate suitable for grape growing. A range of wines ranging from Souvenirer Gris to Chardonnay are made in the area and are well worth exploring. A wine tasting through Limburg involves visiting vineyards in the region. South of Limburg is a region that should not be overlooked for wine lovers!

Wineries & Vineyards in Maastricht | M+TRICHT*MAG recommends | Some High Lights!

De Apostelhoeve

Oldest and one of the largest wine estates in the Netherlands

The Dutch wine tradition has its origins in Roman times, after the Middle Ages the Dutch wine tradition made way for other forms of agricultural activity. In 1970, the first vines returned to the southern slopes of the Jeker valley, on the Apostelhoeve. The Apostelhoeve, one of Limburg’s most beautiful spots on top of the Louwberg, is home to the oldest and one of the largest wine estates in the Netherlands. If you want to get acquainted with wine culture, the Apostelhoeve offer you the opportunity for a guided tour with expert explanation. During this tour you will visit the vineyard, the press house and the wine cellars, followed by a wine tasting of the Apostelhoeve wines. Of course there is the opportunity during the tasting to assess the wines together.

Wine yard St Martinus

Eleven hectare vineyard with tasting room

In the neigborhood of Domein Holset you find the largest wine maker in The Netherlands, St Martinus. The wine yard does cooperation with a few local vineyards and their winery is professional like in France. St Martinus works with modern wine-producing technology using the state of the art wine production facilites. A visit to St Martinus with a guided tour and tasting makes your day complete.

Domein Holset

Sparkling wines made like in France

Since 2009 Domein Holset has been producing sparkling wines made by the méthode traditionnelle. With a combination of classic varieties such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the vineyard also experiments with regionally expressive varieties including a Johanniter and Souvenirer Gris. Domein Holset operates a vineyard with tours and have a tasting room for tasting their bubbles.

Domein Rubaiyat

Seven grape varieties on three hectares

Visiting Rubaiyat in Doenrade is a trip worth as well. The estate grows seven grape varieties on three hectares area. The wines can be tasted in an exclusive degustation area.

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